If you want to travel, and you’re on dialysis, it isn’t impossible, just requires preparation. First thing you should do, after picking a destination, is to find the nearest dialysis center. Be sure to check out dialysis centers in nearby towns, since prices tend to vary considerably from center to center. When I was in Trieste (240 EUR) I went to Izola (180 EUR) for dialysis, because a price difference of 60 EUR per dialysis is nothing to laugh at.

When you find your dialysis center, it is necessary to contact them, since every center has their own set of requirements regarding the paperwork. The doctor who administers your dialysis should prepare the needed documentation and, if necessary, perform additional tests. Usually, there is a standard set of documents containing your results, but you should never travel without first finding out whether or not any additional documentation is needed. You should also check if treatment is possible at on the date and time on which you wish to travel, to make sure a place for you is available.

It is important to note that, in the case of travel, it is significantly cheaper to perform just HD dialysis, and not HDF, and that, in the short time, it has little to no effect on your organism.

The doctor who administers your dialysis will issue a statement, stating that you will not receive dialysis at your designated location, but instead in a different city or country.

With this confirmation, a photocopy of your ID card, and a copy of your account (card), the next thing you should do is go to the appropriate government office, to be issued a confirmation that your documents have been received.

When you arrive at your destination, before your appointed treatment, go to the dialysis center of your choosing, and get to know the procedure of the dialysis itself and how payment is to be handled (whether or not there are designated payment points, do you pay before or after the dialysis, is payment with cash acceptable, or is it card only). It isn’t something that will take too much time out of your trip, and it puts your mind to rest.

When the last dialysis is finished, you will require a report from the doctor, as well as a receipt for the dialysis preformed. These documents are again brought to the appropriate government office, as well as the confirmation (received before your trip), the account copy, and report. With all of these documents submitted, you can receive a partial refund for around 11000 RSD per dialysis. 

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