This blog post will be different. I want to introduce you to a woman who, together with her team, made my transplantation successful, and my life happy.

When I first went to Belgrade for a blood typing with my mom, my experience wasn’t the best. I was told that my transplantation was a high risk one, and when I started crying (one would think this is normal) I was categorized as a problematic patient, and assigned a psychiatrist. After a talk with her, she told me she’d see what the problem was. That’s how my first stay at the Nephrology of the Clinical Centre of Serbia in Belgrade.

On my second trip to the Nephrology Centre, we had already known my father was a good donor; I was greeted by a smiling beautiful blonde woman, who had an uncanny resemblance to my mother. With tact and calming words, she explained the procedure to me and I told her that I could honestly lie down on the operating table right away, provided that my scar could be hidden when I’m wearing a bikini. What can I say; a young mind is a wonderful thing. I cared more about my appearance than my well-being. 

When you suffer from a chronic illness, the most important thing is having a doctor you can absolutely trust. Doctor Blagojević Lazić was, to me, someone who has always had the final word, without any doubt. She was the Chief of Nephrology in the Clinical Centre of Serbia, monitored thousands of post-transplantation patients, and has broad experience with dialysis patients

I’m honoured to say that Dr Radmila Blagojević Lazić has accepted to provide us with answers to any question relating to kidney disease. Please feel free to ask anything that interests you, because the small things you might not know, could be crucial for changing the course of your disease, transplantation, and life.

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